Wiring Simplified (Expanded Course)


Objectives: Install electrical wiring so the finished job will be both practical and safe according to National Electrical Code and will be acceptable to electrical inspectors, power suppliers and others having jurisdiction in the matter.

Audience: Beginners who are interested in learning basic electrical wiring.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSFE1AStudy guide for electric wiring
LSFE2AMeasurement of electricity amperes, volts, watts, power costs, fluorescent lights
LSFE3AWire sizes and types
LSFE4ACircuit breakers, fuses and circuits
LSFE5AWire colors, grounded neutral, service entrance
LSFE6AWiring systems
LSFE7ANon-metallic cable, armored cable, testing wiring
LSFE8AConduit, miscellaneous wiring, Greenfield
LSFE9AHeavy appliance, installation of wiring devices, old wiring
LSFE10AModernization, grounds, motor wiring

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