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You can also choose to write your answers on an answer sheet or type your answers on your computer. Your hand-written answer sheet must be mailed back to us for grading. If you typed your answers into a computer, you may mail or email your document containing the answers to us. If you choose to attach your answers in an email to us, please note we accept both Microsoft Word and PDF file formats.

When we receive your answer sheets, our instructors will grade your answers. After the tests are graded, your score is recorded on your answer sheet. Your original answer sheet is returned to you for you to keep.

You can determine how many courses you want to receive and how frequently you want to receive them. When you enroll, just tell us how frequently you would like to receive new courses or tests. You will be free to change this quantity any time you like. (Students who are enrolled through a company-sponsored program may have pre-established schedules.)

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