Are Your FRA Regulations Up to Date?

Are your FRA regulations up to date?

Use this index to verify that you have the most up-to-date version of the FRA regulations we reproduce.

(Red indicates regulations which have recently changed and may be supplied in supplement form.)

Revision dates are subject to change. IFR – Interim Final Rule.

FRA Part #
(49 CFR)
FRA Title Latest FRA Revision Date
Formats Available
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40Procedure for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program6-1-23BKCAD
209Railroad Safety Enforcement Procedures12-28-23BKSEP
210Railroad Noise Emission Compliance Regulations4-15-19BKMFR
211Rules of Practice3-21-22BKSEP
213Track Safety Standards, Subparts A-F12-28-23Single
213Track Safety Standards, Subpart G10-7-20Single
214Railroad Workplace Safety12-28-23Single
215Railroad Freight Car Safety Standards12-28-23SingleBKMFR
216Special Notice and Emergency Order Procedures: Railroad Track, Locomotive and Equipment12-28-23BKMFR
217Railroad Operating Rules12-28-23BKRORBKMFR
218Railroad Operating Practices12-28-23
219Control of Alcohol and Drug Use12-28-23
220Railroad Communciations12-28-23Single
221Rear End Marking Device­Passenger, Commuter and Freight Trains12-28-23SingleBKMFR
222Use of Locomotive Horns at Public Highway-Rail Grade Crossings12-28-23Single
223Safety Glazing Standards­Locomotives, Passenger Cars and Cabooses12-28-23SingleBKMFR
224Reflectorization of Rail Freight Rolling Stock12-28-23Single
225Railroad Accidents/Incidents: Reports Classification, and Investigations12-28-23BKMFR
228Hours of Service of Railroad Employees12-28-23Single
229Railroad Locomotive Safety Standards12-28-23SingleBKMFR
230Steam Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance Standards12-28-23Single
231Railroad Safety Appliance Standards12-28-23SingleBKMFR
232Brake System Safety Standards for Freight and Other Non-Passenger Trains and Equipment; End-of-Train
233Signal Systems Reporting Requirements12-28-23BKSTC
234Grade Crossing Signal System Safety12-28-23BKSTC
235Instructions Governing Applications for Approval of a Discontinuance or Material Modification of a
Signal System or Relief from the Requirements of Part 236
236Rules, Standards, and Instructions Governing the Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of
Signal and Train Control Systems, Devices, and Applicances
237Bridge Safety Standards12-28-23Single
238Passenger Equipment Safety Standards12-28-23BKPSS
239Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness12-28-23BKPSS
240Qualification and Certification of Locomotive Engineers12-28-23Single
242Conductor Certification12-28-23Single
BKCADThis Part available in our book titled, "Drug and Alcohol Regulations." This book includes 49 CFR Parts 40 and 219.
BKMFRThis Part available in our book titled, "Mechanical Department Regulations." This book includes 49 CFR Parts 210, 215, 216, 217, 218, 221, 223, 225, 229, 231 and 232.
BKPSSThis Part available in our book titled, "Passenger Safety Standards." This book includes 49 CFR Parts 238 and 239.
BKRORThis Part available in our book titled, "Railroad Operating Rules and Practices." This book includes 49 CFR Parts 217 and 218.
BKSEPThis Part available in our book titled, "Railroad Safety Enforcement Procedures and Rules of Practice." This book includes 49 CFR Parts 209 and 211.
BKSTCThis Part available in our book titled, "Rules and Regulations Governing Railroad Signal and Train Control Systems." This book includes 49 CFR Parts 233, 234, 235, and 236.
SingleThis Part available reprinted by itself. Check the chart above to see if it is also available in one of our combination books.