Trailer Hitch Maintenance


This course does not cover complete reconditioning (tear down and rebuild) and major hitch modification or redesign. It does include material on wrench operated hitches, tractor operated hitches, cushioning, identification of parts and safety reminders.

Objectives: Identify, inspect and repair defective parts of trailer hitches. Lubricate according to AAR standards.

Audience: Carmen, repairmen, mechanics or others interested in knowing more about types of hitches, inspecting for defects, lubricating and making necessary repairs.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSHMG1AGeneral information & safety
LSHMG2AGeneral information, safety, AAR Lubrication Manual
LSHMG3AAAR Lubrication Manual, ACF Models 5 & 2 Hitches
LSHMG4ATrailer Train, Pullman hitches, and new hitch development

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