The Single Car Air Brake Test Procedures


Objectives: The student will learn, through expertly designed flow charts, the proper steps to follow when doing brake tests. They will also use troubleshooting tips to look for possible causes, solutions and repairs.

Audience: Carmen, brakemen, mechanics, maintenance workers, supervisors, inspectors and anyone else involved in the repair and proper maintenance of the air brake.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSSCTD1ASingle car test device, testing of air brakes, brake cylinder pressure gauge, and system overview
LSSCTD2ARepair Track Test - brake cylinder pressure gauge fittings, Brake Pipe Leakage Test, Separate Vent Valve Test
LSSCTD3AMinimum Application and Quick Service Limiting Valve Test, Slow Release Test, Emergency Test, disconnecting the test device
LSSCTD4ASingle Car Test, before you start, Brake cylinder pressure gauge fittings, Brake Pipe Leakage Test, Continuous Quick Service Valve Test, and Separate Vent Valve Test
LSSCTD5AJob Aids 1-7 - Service Stability Test & piston travel and rigging, Emergency Test, Release Test after emergency, Retaining Valve Test, Minimum Application and Quick Service, and Limiting Valve Test
LSSCTD6AJob Aid 8 - Slow Release Test, AAV Test, first and second recheck of piston travel, Manual Release Valve Tests, disconnecting the Single Car Test Device, and special tests - retaining valve, slack adjuster, and brake cylinder pressure tap test
LSSCTD7AJob Aids 9-13 - WABCOPAC/NYOPAC Piston Travel Adjustment and hand brake adjustment, control valve identification, and general inspection of handbrakes
LSSCTD8AJob Aid 14 - Slack Adjuster - Field Test, Adjustment Procedures - tension Models and compression models

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