Machine Shop Practice I


Objectives: Understand the fundamentals of the basic machine tools and the technology which supports these operations. Study the basics to make precision parts for tools, dies, machines, and instruments for all classes of machine tools.

Audience: Machinists, toolmakers, diemakers, students, and engineers can use as a source of information on machining and related technology.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSMS1Basic metal cutting operations
LSMS2Basic measuring instruments
LSMS3Layout work, drilling machines, twist drills
LSMS4Drilling machine operation
LSMS5Engine lathe construction, dingle-point cutting tools and their performance
LSMS6Cylindrical drilling
LSMS7Chucking work, taper and angle turning
LSMS8Faceplate work, screw threads and screw thread measuring
LSMS9Machine shop practice - cutting screw threads on a lathe, turret lathes, production lathes, and vertical lathes
LSMS10Machine shop practice - precision hole location, The Jig Borer, metal cutting saws

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