Locomotive Electrical Troubleshooting for SD40-2


Lessons may not be individually ordered from this course. All 8 lessons must be taken. Prerequisite: Knowledge in these areas of study or listed courses from The Railway Educational Bureau.

Objectives: The student should be able to accurately read a schematic wiring diagram for a diesel-electric locomotive so he/she is able to competently troubleshoot.

Audience: Journeymen, apprentices, electricians and others who are familiar with the principles of magnetism, elementary electricity and be acquainted with basic electrical symbols.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSSD402ASD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402BSD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402CSD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402DSD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402ESD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402FSD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402GSD40-2 schematic lesson
LSSD402HSD40-2 lesson

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