Lineman-Cableman’s Training Basics


Objectives: The apprentice will gain a general understanding of electricity, electrical terms, from over-head and underground distribution and transmission lines to maintenance procedures as well as safety procedures.

Audience: Apprentices, linemen, cablemen, foremen, supervisors, and other employees of electric line construction, contractors and transmission and distribution departments of electric utility companies

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSLE1Elementary electrical principles
LSLE2Elementary electrical principles
LSLE3Electric system
LSLE5Transmission circuits
LSLE6Distribution circuits
LSLE7Wood-pole structures, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass and steel structures; distribution automation and the smart grid
LSLE8Emergency system restoration; unloading, hauling, erecting, and setting poles
LSLE9Erecting and setting poles
LSLE10Guying poles
LSLE11Insulators, crossarms, and conductor supports
LSLE12Line conductors
LSLE13Distribution transformers
LSLE14Lightning and surge protection
LSLE15Fuses and switches
LSLE16Tap-changing transformers and voltage regulators
LSLE17Transmission tower erection
LSLE18Stringing line conductors; sagging line conductors
LSLE19Joining line conductors, live-line maintenance with hot-line tools; and live-line maintenance from insulated aerial platforms
LSLE20Grounding, protecting grounds
LSLE21Street lighting
LSLE22Underground system
LSLE23Laying conduit; and manhole construction
LSLE24Pulling cable; and splicing and terminating cable
LSLE25Underground distribution
LSLE26Vegetation management—tree trimming; and rope, knots, splices, and gear
LSLE27Distribution transformer installation, selection, and utilization
LSLE28Electrical drawing symbols; single-line diagrams; and schematic diagrams
LSLE29Voltage regulation; and units of measurement, electrical definitions, electrical formulas, and calculations
LSLE30Maintenance of transmission and distribution lines
LSLE31Climbing wood poles
LSLE32Protective line and personal protective safety equipment

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