Guide to Locomotive Electrical Maintenance for SD and GP Type Locomotives


Objectives: Aids or assists an employee in performing electrical inspections. The book breaks down the major areas of concern to include tips on what to look for to spot potential problems. It follows the bottom-to-top inspection procedure. Safety is always the first concern.

Audience: Personnel responsible for routine electrical maintenance on SD and GP locomotives.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSGLEM1AInsulation dielectric test, traction motors and main generator
LSGLEM2AMain generator, auxiliary generator, inertial filter motor
LSGLEM3AGovernor, load regulator, fan contactors. Temperature switches, AC cooling fan motors, shutter control, compressor magnet valve, traction motor blower motor, ground lights and lights
LSGLEM4ASarco drain valve and heaters, sander magnet valves, axle generators, axle generators (PTC) receptacles (snowplow), (MU) (battery charging), emergency fuel cut-off, small motors, dynamic braking, batteries and contact tips
LSGLEM5AContact tips, running work, running work (IPS) and load test
LSGLEM6AGE locomotive AC 4400 CW, recorder vigilance testing, speedometer verification, and TSM Locotemp test procedures
LSGLEM7AMicroprocessor excitation, locomotive HP settings, horsepower calculation and calculator, qualification checks
LSGLEM8AComponent arrangement, terminal boards and zones, governor solenoids, diagnosis of ground relay, and appendices

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