Guide to Freight Car Trucks


Objectives: This course will provide a student with a general understanding of Freight Car Trucks and components. Deals individually with each component, and contains the pertinent information needed for the inspection of Freight Car Trucks. It also shows what applicable adjustments and repairs need to be made on components in order to bring them into compliance with AAR Interchange Rules. It guides the student through recommended safety guidelines that should be followed for personal safety.

Audience: Anyone working on Freight Cars and their components.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSFCT1AThe history of the freight car truck
LSFCT3AAxles & plain bearing trucks
LSFCT4ARoller bearings/roller bearing adapters
LSFCT5ABarber side frame
LSFCT6AASF Ride Control side frame
LSFCT7ANational C-1 side frame
LSFCT8ABarber S2 bolster
LSFCT9AASF Ride Control bolster
LSFCT10ANational C-1 truck bolster
LSFCT11ANational Super C-1 Wedgelock truck bolster
LSFCT12ANational Super C-1 Wedgelock side frame
LSFCT13AMain load coil springs/side springs & friction castings
LSFCT14ABody center plates/side bearings
LSFCT15ACenter plate extension pads/frame brace truck
LSFCT16ANational Swing Motion truck
LSFCT17ANational Unitruck II
LSFCT18ABarber Swing Motion caboose truck/Buckeye XC-R truck

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