General Electric Mechanical Maintenance for Series-7 Road Locomotives


Objectives: Study how to maintain “running maintenance” on General Electric Series-7 Locomotives built since January, 1977. Become familiar with major locomotive equipment and systems of the standard Series-7 locomotive and frequently installed optional equipment. “Running maintenance” is defined as maintenance done on board the locomotive and which can ordinarily be done in eight hours or less time.

Audience: Mechanical maintenance personnel responsible for the servicing and maintenance of GE SERIES-7 Road Locomotives.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSJM1AData-qualification and troubleshooting systems
LSJM2ACabs and underframes
LSJM3AAir brake equipment
LSJM4ADiesel engine - servicing and inspecting engine oil and water, overspeed crankcase, govenor, etc.
LSJM5ADiesel engine - differential pressure, fuel oil system, crankcase cylinder, gear assemblies
LSJM6ADiesel engine - adjustments, fuel pump, lube oil and fuel oil valves, valve tappet clearances
LSJM7ADiesel engines - fuel oil valves, replacements of fuel oil filters, strainers, fuel injection nozzle and pump, water and lubricating oil pump, power assembly removal and installation
LSJM8ADiesel engine - pistons, rods, bearings, over-speeds, crankcase, govenors, exhaust manifold and turbochargers

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