General Electric Locomotive Running Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Series 7 Road Locomotives-Electrical


Objectives: The student will be able to perform “running maintenance” on General Electric Series-7 Locomotives built since January, 1977. Become familiar with major locomotive equipment and systems of the standard Series-7 locomotive and frequently installed optional equipment. “Running maintenance” is defined as maintenance done on board the locomotive and which can ordinarily be done in eight hours or less time.

Audience: Maintenance personnel responsible for the servicing and maintenance of GE Series-7 Road Locomotives.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSJE1AData, qualification and troubleshooting
LSJE2ASystems, cabs and underframes
LSJE3AAir brake equipment, trucks, traction motors and traction alternator area
LSJE4ATraction alternator area
LSJE5ALoad testing
LSJE6APower device compartment
LSJE7AControl device compartment
LSJE8AGeneral purpose, general maintenance - electrical

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