GE Dash 8 Locomotives-Mechanical and Electrical


Objectives: The student will study the principles of maintenance on General Electric 1987 Series-8 Locomotives and learn about any special tools required to properly maintain GE locomotives. Be aware of warnings, cautions, or hazards and additional clarifications when performing maintenance.

Audience: Maintenance personnel, foremen, inspectors or anyone responsible for the maintenance of GE DASH 8 Locomotives.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSDS2Diagnostic display panel - level 1
LSDS3Diagnostic display panel - level 2
LSDS4Engine support systems
LSDS5Locomotive electrical systems operation and locomotive overspeed system
LSDS6Nose, operator, dynamic braking, engine and radiator cab equipment
LSDS7Locomotive alternator blower, removal and installation, locomotive equipment blower 1, air compressor removal and installation
LSDS8Victaulic couplings, radiator removal and installation of locomotive radiator fan
LSDS926L air brake system, air supply system and air compressors
LSDS11Traction motors, running maintenance, traction motor installation & removal
LSDS125GMG186 & 5GMG187 alternators, load & insulation testing
LSDS13Control and power devices
LSDS14Description of electrical equipment, power cable termination and connection
LSDS15Diesel engine checks and adjustments
LSDS16Diesel engine replacements

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