Freight Car ABDX Type Control Valve


Objectives: The student will become familiar with the new ABDX Control Valve and its features, such as, how it improves service braking, the new service piston, diaphragm and diaphragm clamping arrangement, continuous quick service function improvements and other benefits of the ABDX Type Control Valve. Review diagrammatic drawings for functional analysis only.

Audience: Anyone needing a general description and operation of AB Type Single Capacity Freight Car Air Brake Equipment with the ABDX Type Control Valve as approved by the AAR for cars in interchange service.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSABX1Equipment Parts such as pipe bracket/pipe connections, service and emergency portion
LSABX2ABU brake cylinders, dirt collector and Dynaball cut-out cock, reservoir, retaining valve, and hose connections
LSABX3Operations of the ABDX control valve and plates (schematics 1 through 4)
LSABX4Emergency accelarated release
LSABX5Emergency - final stage

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