Emergency Responder’s Guide to Railroad Incidents


Objectives: Objectives include describing the types of railroad operations in the responders’ response area, describing basic safety considerations for procedures in railroad emergency operations, ability to locate hazardous materials in a train, determine who is responsible for the documents, determine train consist and its parts, identifying key data elements on a waybill, ability to describe the methodology for identifying tank car damage assessments, explain common sources of leaks from non-pressure and pressure tank cars and the common methods to control release, and much more.

Audience: This course is ideal for anyone whose response area includes railroad operations. Private response contractors, chemical company response teams, and anyone who could be part of an incident involving railroad operations.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSERG1Scope, Purpose, Objectives; US Rail Operations
LSERG2Response Safety Around Railroad Operations and Rail Incident Response–Initial Detection Clues
LSERG3General Railroad Equipment
LSERG4Tank Cars
LSERG5General Service Tank Cars
LSERG6Pressure Tank Cars
LSERG7Railroad Freight Cars: Non-Tank Equipment and Freight Locomotives
LSERG8Tank Car Damage Assessment, Wreck Clearing and Product Handling Methods, Large Scale Incident Management, and Case Studies

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