EMD SD70 MAC Locomotive Electrical


Objectives: To train locomotive personnel in the repair and troubleshooting of the SD70 MAC locomotive. Giving a complete review of the locomotive components and electrical systems.

Audience: Electrical maintenance personnel responsible for the servicing and maintenance of SD70 MAC locomotives.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSMAC70E1General information
LSMAC70E2Engine starting and stopping
LSMAC70E3Fuel system, lubricating oil system, cooling system
LSMAC70E4Forced air system, compressed air systems
LSMAC70E5Compressed air systems
LSMAC70E6HTCR radial truck
LSMAC70E7Electrical equipment
LSMAC70E8Electrical equipment
LSMAC70E9Electrical control system and control computers
LSMAC70E10Control computers
LSMAC70E11Power operation
LSMAC70E12Inverter operation
LSMAC70E13TTC components
LSMAC70E14Traction computer
LSMAC70E15Operational control modes and load control
LSMAC70E16Adhesion control
LSMAC70E17Functionally Integrated Rail Electronics (FIRE)
LSMAC70E18Functionally Integrated Rail Electronics (FIRE)
LSMAC70E19Locomotive data screens (FIRE & ICE)
LSMAC70E20Locomotive data screens (FIRE & ICE)
LSMAC70E21Load test and horsepower evaluation
LSMAC70E22High potential testing and welding procedures, troubleshooting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

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