EMD SD60M Locomotive Service


Objectives: Gain an overview of EMD locomotive systems and equipment as well as specific electrical and mechanical procedures which can be performed on board the locomotive. Also, get an introduction to the computer control system and representative circuitry. Use service data references and metric conversion tables as needed.

Audience: Qualified’ service personnel.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSSD60MForward and general locomotive information, engine starting
LSSD61MFuel oil system
LSSD62MLubricating oil system
LSSD63MCooling system
LSSD64MCentral air system
LSSD65MCompressed air system
LSSD66MElectrical equipment
LSSD67MElectrical equipment
LSSD68MElectrical equipment
LSSD69MElectrical control system
LSSD70MElectrical control system
LSSD71MLoad test and horsepower calculating, high potential test for locomotive service, Metric conversion, logic system troubleshooting

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