EMD SD45 Locomotive Maintenance-Electrical


Objectives: The student will gain knowledge of “on-the-locomotive” maintenance and become familiar with locomotive components and systems. Also, learn to use the “service data” pages for reference to applicable maintenance instructions, replacement part numbers, component manufacturer’s technical literature, applicable tool and testing apparatus numbers and specific system values for operation or testin

Audience: Electrical maintenance personnel, apprentices.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSLS1Reactor theory, magnetic amplifiers, transductor reactors
LSLS2Electrical transmission, traction alternator commutation
LSLS3Excitation system, sensor, feedback system
LSLS4The power control equipment, rate control panel
LSLS5Diesel locomotive, electrical equipment, transition control
LSLS6IDAC wheel slip control system
LSLS7Switchgear, contact tips, inspection and replacement
LSLS8Electrical equipment, generators, electrical cabinets
LSLS9Power control system, testing and setting, troubleshooting
LSLS10Control panels, relays, switchgear
LSLS11Wheel slip control, testing and Setting
LSLS12Transition control, testing and setting
LSLS13Dynamic brake testing, setting
LSLS14Load testing

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