EMD SD40-2 Locomotive Electrical Equipment


Objectives: The student will gain knowledge of “on-the-locomotive” maintenance and to provide under separate cover material for general familiarization with locomotive components and systems. Also, learn the service data pages for reference to applicable maintenance instructions and technical manuals, applicable tool and testing apparatus numbers, specific system values for operation or testing. Metric and US Standard units of measurement are shown.

Audience: Electrical maintenance personnel and apprentices.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSSD16Locomotive maintenance, electric rotating equipment, locomotive control stnd, electrical cabinets
LSSD17Electrical equipment
LSSD18Generators and voltage regulator, auxiliary generator, AR10 main generator
LSSD19D14 alternator, voltage regulator module, VR
LSSD20Excitation and power control system, excitation limit backup protection system, load regulator
LSSD21Generator excitation regulating system, load regulator assembly performance control module, PF17 and PF18 (special order)
LSSD22Rate control module, RC12, sensor bypass module SB11, silicon controlled rectifier assembly SCR, sensor module SE, voltage reference regulator and throttle
LSSD23Transition module
LSSD24Wheel slip system, sanding module SA10, wheel slip module, WS10, wheel slip bridge circuit, wheel slip transconductor, WST
LSSD25Dynamic braking system, excitation and control, extended range dynamic brake module DE (special order), dynamic brake protection module DP, dynamic brake regulator module DR, indicating lights and devices
LSSD26Load test and horsepower standardization, high potential test for locomotives in service
LSSD28General electrical qualifications and troubleshooting guide
LSSD29ATroubleshooting outlines (Part I)
LSSD30ATroubleshooting outlines (Part II)

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