EMD GP50 Locomotive-Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance


Objectives: Provide, from a servicing standpoint, a general familiarity with EMD locomotive systems and equipment, instructions for electrical and mechanical maintenance that can be performed on the locomotive. Use service data pages as reference and metric conversion table.

Audience: Mechanical maintenance personnel, foremen or others responsible for servicing and maintaining the GP50 Locomotive.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSG1General information, engine starting
LSG2Fuel oil system, lubrication oil system
LSG3Cooling system
LSG4Central air system
LSG5Compressed air system
LSG6Compressed air
LSG7Electrical equipment - AR15 generator, voltage suppression, D14 alternator, traction motors, fans, pumps
LSG8Electrical equipment - locomotive control stand, assembly, dynamic brake throttle and reverser handles, air gauges, panel lights
LSG9Electrical equipment - engine panel lights, gauges and what they mean, switches, circuit breaker panels
LSG10Electrical equipment - generator field, fuse test equipment and switch panel, electrical devices located in the main electrical cabinet
LSG11Electrical devices ETS to TLTD located in the main electrical cabinet
LSG12Electrical cabinet TSR to WL, pneumatic devices, hose systems, ground relay protection system, main generator and dynamic braking grid grounds, wheel creep control system
LSG13Radar Module RA Motor E/N generator module, current maximizer module
LSG14Electrical control system, wheel slip system
LSG15Wheel overspeed module, load control module, dynamic brake system module and dynamic brake protection module
LSG16Load test and horsepower standardization, high potential test for locomotives in service

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