EMD GP38 Static Excitation Locomotive Maintenance-Electrical


Objectives: Learn the description of the electrical transmission and the power control system used on the GP38 locomotive for static control of main generator excitation. Testing, servicing, troubleshooting and maintenance are included.

Audience: Electric locomotive maintenance personnel, apprentices or others responsible for the repair of static excitation locomotives.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSGP1Static excitation
LSGP2Excitation system
LSGP3Transition control system
LSGP4Dynamic braking system
LSGP5Inspection and replacement of contact tips
LSGP6Electrical equipment
LSGP7Reference voltage checks
LSGP8Testing and setting performances control panel PCP-8411758
LSGP9Wheel slip control system testing and setting
LSGP10Transition control system testing and setting
LSGP11Dynamic braking system testing and setting
LSGP12Load test and horsepower standardization
LSGP13General review

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