EMD GP38-2 Locomotive Troubleshooting Electrical


Objectives: The student will learn an insight into the physical schematics. Examine a locomotive print, its notations and abbreviations, then explore in depth the major locomotive circuits and systems. First current flow is followed through the circuits for students to see the electrical interactions which are taking place for each circuit; secondly, the simplified circuits will be referred back to the physical schematic, traced and explained. Then, the print ties all the systems together into one locomotive system giving the student a good working knowledge essential to the electrical locomotive troubleshooter.

Audience: Experienced locomotive personnel or electrical locomotive maintenance personnel, apprentices.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSGP20Physical schematic, explanation
LSGP21Starting and fuel pump circuit
LSGP22Generator field circuit
LSGP23Excitation system (Part I)
LSGP24Excitation system (Part II)
LSGP25Wheel slip system (Part I)
LSGP26Wheel slip system (Part II)
LSGP27Dynamic brake system
LSGP28Basic locomotive voltage supply circuits
LSGP29Motor connection circuit

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