EMD 645E3 Diesel Engine Maintenance-Mechanical


Objectives: The student will acquire knowledge of maintenance for the 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinder Model 645E3 diesel engines and be aware of any special tools required in the maintenance of these engines. Use the specifications and service data provided in the text book in maintaining the engines and quick reference.

Audience: Maintenance personnel, foremen, inspectors, or anyone else responsible for the correct maintenance of the 645E3 diesel motors.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSDM30AGeneral description, operation, engine data
LSDM31ACrankcase, oil pan
LSDM32ACylinder head and accessories, valve grinding
LSDM33APistons, connecting rods
LSDM34ACylinder liners
LSDM35ACrankshaft, accessories, main bearing
LSDM36ACrankshaft, gear train
LSDM37AAir intake, exhaust system, turbocharger
LSDM38ALubricating oil system, oil pumps
LSDM39ACooling system, water pumps, aftercoolers
LSDM40AFuel system, injectors, filters
LSDM42AProtective devices
LSDM43AStarting systems

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