EMD 645/F3B Turbocharged Engine Maintenance


Objectives: Study the maintenance for the 8, 12, 16, and 20 cylinder Model 645E3C and Model 645F3B diesel engines and be aware of any special tools required in use of that maintenance. Also, be able to use references, specifications, and a list of service equipment presented in the Service Data at the end of most sections.

Audience: Mechanical maintenance personnel, foremen, inspectors or others responsible for the repair or servicing of EMD 645F3B diesel engines.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSTE1General description, Operation, Engine data
LSTE2Crankcase, oil pan
LSTE3Cylinder head and accessories, valve grinding
LSTE4Pistons, connecting rods
LSTE5Cylinder liners
LSTE6Cylinder power assembly
LSTE7Crankshaft, gear train
LSTE8Camshaft, gear train
LSTE9Air intake, exhaust system, turbocharger
LSTE10Lubricating oil system, oil pumps
LSTE11ACooling system, water pump, aftercooler
LSTE12Fuel system, injectors, filters
LSTE14Protective devices
LSTE15Starting system

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