Electrical Motor Controls


Prerequisite: Knowledge of basic electricity.

Objectives: The student will gain a knowledge of various electrical motor controls, how to read them on blueprints, power distribution centers, preventive maintenance and trouble shooting and safety in working with electricity.

Audience: Electrical workers wanting to increase their knowledge of electrical motor controls.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSEMC1AElectrical quantities and basic circuits
LSEMC2AElectrical quantities and basic circuits
LSEMC3ASymbols and diagrams
LSEMC4ATest instruments
LSEMC5ATest instruments
LSEMC6AElectrical Safety
LSEMC7AElectrical Safety
LSEMC8AControl logic
LSEMC9AMechanical input control devices
LSEMC10AMechanical input control devices
LSEMC12AElectromechanical relays
LSEMC13ADC generators and AC generator
LSEMC15AContactors and magnetic motor starters
LSEMC16ADC motors
LSEMC17AAC motors
LSEMC18AReversing motors
LSEMC19ATiming and Counting Functions
LSEMC20AMotor stopping methods and motor load, torque, quality requirements
LSEMC21AReduced-voltage starting circuits
LSEMC22APower sources
LSEMC23ASemiconductor input devices
LSEMC24ASemiconductor amplification and switching
LSEMC25ASemiconductor power switching devices
LSEMC26APhotoelectric semiconductors, fiber optics and light-based applications
LSEMC27ASolid-state relays and starters
LSEMC28ASolid-state relays and starters
LSEMC29AMotor drives
LSEMC30AMotor drives
LSEMC31AProgrammable controllers
LSEMC32AProgrammable controllers
LSEMC33APower distribution and smart grid systems
LSEMC34APower distribution and smart grid systems
LSEMC35APreventive maintenance systems
LSEMC36APreventive maintenance systems
LSEMC37APreventive maintenance systems

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