Diesel and High-Compression Gas Engine Fundamentals


Objectives: The student will receive complete clarification of the diesel engine, its stationary parts and an explanation in simple terms of the major moving parts and their lubrication. Basic terms of physics and engineering, fuel systems, engine power and rating performances, testing, instrumentation, maintenance and troubleshooting and auxiliary systems.

Audience: Carmen, apprentices, shop foremen, students of diesel engines, diesel mechanics and others wanting a good basic understanding of the diesel engine, its components and how it works.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSDH1Distinguishing features diesel engines, what a diesel engine is
LSDH2Basic construction of a diesel engine, classification of diesel engines
LSDH3Stationary parts, frames, cylinders and heads, major moving parts
LSDH4Lubricating the diesel, basic terms of physics and engineering
LSDH5Heat and combustion, oil & gaseous fuels
LSDH6Engine power and fuel consumption, engine rating
LSDH7Intake and exhaust systems, scavenging and supercharging injecting fuel
LSDH8Burning the fuel, governing
LSDH9Diesel engine testing, instrumentation and designs, high compression gas burning engines
LSDH10Auxiliary systems, operation and maintenance

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