Car Air Brakes (Chalk Talk Two)


Objectives: The student will learn through illustrations and written explanation about car air brake devices, such as, various types of valves, automatic slack adjusters, retainers, safety valves, centrifugal dirt collector, brake-cylinder release valves and how they work. Includes the AB, AB-1-B, AB-4-12, ABLC, brake equipment and the AC brake valve for freight cars; D-22-P, electro-pneumatic brake, speed-governor control, D-22-PD with 3AP decelostat equipment, universal control equipment with U-12-BD universal valve for passenger cars.

Audience: Operations personnel responsible for repairing or replacing air brakes on trains.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSB2Brake application valves - relay valves
LSB3Slack adjusters - retainer valves, safety valves
LSB4AB freight car brake equipment
LSB5Passenger car brakes - D-22-P brake equipment, D-22-AR control valve
LSB6U-12-BD universal valve

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