Basic Principles of Track Maintenance


Objectives: This course provides your crew with instruction in basic track components and basic track maintenance principles. The course progresses from an overview of the basic track structure to an examination of its components and ends with a look at turnouts and right-of-way. General principles of track safety are presented in the second lesson and stressed throughout the course. You’ll also find the applicable Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Track Safety Standards presented in each lesson.

Audience: An excellent training tool for railroads, rail transit authorities, track contractors, or anyone needing to inspect and maintain track.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSTMB1BBasic track structure
LSTMB2BSafety and use of track
LSTMB3BTrack tools
LSTMB8BRail joints
LSTMB9BTrack alignment and gauge
LSTMB10BTrack surface

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