Basic Modern Welding


Objectives: The student will acquire an understanding of the entire welding field. The text covers the theory, fundamentals, and basic processes along with the practical applications that build skills and techniques for the welder.

Audience: Secondary and post secondary students, apprentices and journeyman welders, technical students, instructors, and those who wish to teach themselves about welding.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSMW1Safety in the welding shop and print reading
LSMW2Welding Joints, Positions and Symbols
LSMW3Welding and cutting process
LSMW4Shielded Metal Arc Welding Equipment and Supplies
LSMW5Shielded Metal Arc Welding (AC and DC)
LSMW6GTAW, GMAW and FCAW Equipment and Supplies
LSMW7Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
LSMW8Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding
LSMW9Plasma Arc Cutting
LSMW10Oxyfuel Gas Welding Equipment and Supplies
LSMW11Oxyfuel Gas Welding
LSMW12Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Equipment and Supplies
LSMW13Oxyfuel Gas Cutting
LSMW15Brazing and Braze Welding
LSMW16Resistance Welding Equipment and Supplies
LSMW17Resistance welding
LSMW18Special Welding Processes
LSMW19Special Ferrous Welding Applications
LSMW20Special Nonferrous Welding Applications
LSMW21Pipe and Tube Welding
LSMW22Special Cutting Process
LSMW23Automatic and Robotic Welding
LSMW24Metal Surfacing
LSMW25Production of Metals
LSMW26Metal Properties and Identification
LSMW27Heat Treatment of Metals
LSMW28Inspecting and Testing Welds
LSMW29Procedure and Welder Qualifications
LSMW30Technical Data

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