Basic Millwright Work


Objectives: This course is intended to be a helpful guide for the practical person solving problems that present themselves from day to day to the millwright and maintenance mechanic in construction and operation of industrial plants.

Audience: Millwrights and maintenance mechanics.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSMG1BSafety - Drawing and Sketching
LSMG2BThe Basic Tool Box - Portable Power Tools and Stationary Power Tools
LSMG3BMeasurements - Screw Threads - Mechanical Fasteners
LSMG4BMachinery and Equipment
LSMG6BPrinciples of Mechanical Power Transmission - Shafting - Flat Belts
LSMG7BV-Belt Drives
LSMG8BChain Drives
LSMG9BGears - Couplings
LSMG10BGaskets, Packings, and Seals
LSMG11BLubrication and Oil Analysis - Vibration Measurement - Preventive and Predictive Maintenance - Electricity - AC Motors.
LSMG12BFans and Blowers - Pumps
LSMG13BAir Compressors
LSMG14BPipe Fittings
LSMG15BPipe Values
LSMG16BStructural Steel - Sheet-Metal Work
LSMG18BSharpening Saws - Wood Fastenings
LSMG19BCarpentry 1
LSMG20BCarpentry 2 - Blacksmithing
LSMG22BHydraulics and Pneumatics - Mensuration and Mechanical Calculations

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