Basic Electricity and Electronics


Objectives: The student will become primarily acquainted with the behavior of electronics to gain a thorough understanding of electron theory. This knowledge is then applied to learning the operations of electrical equipment producing fundamental components, and using these components in working circuits.

Audience: Beginning students studying electricity.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSEE1Behavior of electronics and controlling electron motion
LSEE2Electrical circuits, electrical energy and power
LSEE3Electric heating and lighting, electromagnetism
LSEE4Measuring instruments and electrical effects in fluids
LSEE5Induced voltages and electromagnetic generators
LSEE6Cells and batteries
LSEE7Small scale sources of EMP & electric motors
LSEE8Alternating current
LSEE9Capacitors and their uses
LSEE10AC motors & rectifiers
LSEE12Electrical communication
LSEE13Solid-state AC power control circuits

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