AAR Loading Rules Section 2: Metal products, including pipe


These lessons are revised periodically as AAR revises the loading rules.

Objectives: The student will study the background of the methods, procedures, rules and regulations for loading and securing items that may be shipped in open top car or other cars. Emphasis is put on the proper securement, safety of the employees dealing with the commodities and guarding against the load shifting or falling. Detailed sketches, AAR loading rules, charts, inspections, help the student to understand the loading procedures.

Audience: Those responsible for the inspection of a shipment pending acceptance.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSOTL2.1ARules governing loading of steel products on open top cars
LSOTL2.2ARules governing loading of steel products on open top cars
LSOTL2.3ARules governing loading of steel products on open top cars
LSOTL2.4ARules governing loading of girders, horizontal-flatcars and cable, wire and similar commodities on reels.
LSOTL2.5ARules governing loading of wheels, mounted railroad-gondolas and steel beams.
LSOTL2.6ARules governing loading of pipe products on open top cars
LSOTL2.7ARules governing loading of pipe on open top cars
LSOTL2.8ARules governing loading of steel pipe, bare or coated on open top cars

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