AAR Interchange Rules 2024


Student is qualified for Certificate of Achievement after successfully completing Lessons RI.1 through RI.12.

Objectives: Familiarize the student with the use of the A.A.R. Interchange Rules Field Manual in correctly identifying parts and their proper “WHY” Code entry for interchange billing.

Audience: Shop foremen, carmen and records personnel responsible for the correct repairs and interchange billing of those repairs.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSRI1 24Purpose of rules, care of freight cars, air brakes
LSRI2 24Air brake equipment
LSRI3 24Couplers, yokes, and draft gears
LSRI4 24Roller bearings and adapters
LSRI5 24Wheels and axles, truck components
LSRI6 24Running boards, dome platforms, brake steps, crossover platforms, and repair of sills
LSRI7 24General repairs and instructions
LSRI8 24Material and interchange of freight cars
LSRI9 24Responsibility
LSRI10 24Disposition, general regulations for pricing and billing, general rules
LSRI11 24Review of entire book
LSRI12 24Review of entire book continued

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