AAR Approved Methods for Loading and Restraining Shipments of Hazardous Materials for Trailer/Container on Flat Car (TOFC/COFC) Movements


Objectives: The student will study the procedures for loading and restraining shipments of Hazardous Materials for (TOFC/COFC). Proper distribution of “less than” and mixed loads, and various blocking restraints used. Also the use of the “Drum-Gard”, “Palla-Gard” and “Ty-Gard” restraint systems.

Audience: Inspectors, supervisors/workers responsible for the proper loading and restraint in loading and shipping hazardous materials on flat cars.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSHZ1AIntroduction, AAR procedure for rail transportation impact tests and test loads
LSHZ2ARecommended Blocking & Restraining Practices, Restraint Systems
LSHZ3ARestraint systems, unequipped trailer/container (UE)
LSHZ4ARestraint systems, unequipped trailer container (UE)
LSHZ5AWood Beam Assemblies (WB), Mechanical Bracing Devices (MB)
LSHZ6ASpecial bulkhead braces, Blocking for less-than-trailer/container-loads and mixed loads (LTL)

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