26-L Brake Equipment (The Instruction Pamphlet No. 74)


Objectives: The student will gain an understanding of the 26-C Brake Valve, 26-F Control Valve and the high-capacity “J” type Relay Valve. The student will study the operation and functions of those devices that are unique to the 26-L Brake Equipment.

Audience: Carmen responsible for the inspection and repair of the 26-L Brake Equipment and Locomotive Operators who will be using the 26-L Brake equipment on their train.

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Lesson IDLesson Title
LSBE1A26-C brake valve, auto brake operation, independent brake operation
LSBE2A26-F control valve, J-1 relay valve, MU2A valve, F-1 Selector Valve
LSBE3AOverspeed and safety control functions: with P-2 brake application valve
LSBE4AAutomatic split reductions during penalty brake application: with A-1 reduction selector valve

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