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Track Safety Standards Part 213 Classes 1-5 Workshop –Understanding the FRA Track Safety Standards and the track inspection process.
October 17-20, 2017
Council Bluffs, Iowa

This 3.5 day workshop uses an interactive approach to introduce you to the FRA Track Safety Standards (TSS) for Classes of track 1-5. Class 1, Regional and Short Line operators, Industrial plants, and contractors will find this workshop valuable for those responsible for compliance with the TSS. Upon completion of this course, attendees will have an introductory understanding of how to apply TSS for inspecting track, recording defects, and taking necessary remedial action.

Emphasis during this course is placed on: FRA Qualification, Compliance, Railroad/Track Owner Responsibility, Class Specific Defects, Non Class Specific Defects, Turnout Inspections, Rail Defects, and Inspection Report Requirements.

Single Car Air Brake Tests Procedures manual is just what you are looking for. This manual contains flowcharts depicting the procedures for the current Code of Air Brake System Tests for Freight Equipment: Standard S-486.

Call to order this manual.

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Here's a brief look at what’s happening in the world of FRA Regulations.

Part 219: Control of Alcohol and Drug Use: Coverage of Maintenance of Way
(MOW) Employees and Retrospective Regulatory Review-Based Amendments
In response to Congress' mandate in the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA), FRA is expanding the scope of its drug and alcohol regulation to cover MOW employees. This rule also codifies guidance from FRA compliance manuals, responds to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommendations, and adopts substantive amendments based upon FRA's regulatory review of 30 years of implementation of this part.
The final rule contains two significant differences from FRA's July 28, 2014 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). First, it adopts part 214's definition of "roadway worker" to define "MOW employee" under this part. Second, because FRA has withdrawn its proposed peer support requirements, subpart K contains a revised version of the troubled employee identification requirements previously in subpart E.
Dates: This regulation was effective June 12, 2017.


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