26-L Brake Equipment (The Instruction Pamphlet No. 74)
26L Brake Equipment
AAR Lubrication Standards
Air Brake Equipment
Air Brake Equipment - Compressors
Air Brake Equipment - History and Development
Anti–Friction Bearings
Basic Diesel Theory
Basic Hydraulic Technology
Basic Machinist Technology
Basic Millwright Work
Basic Principles of Hydraulics
Basic Refrigeration (Thermo King)
Basic Steam Locomotive Maintenance
Basic Training for Brakemen and Switchmen
Basics of Railroad Wheels
Brake System Safety Standards
Brush and Commutator Maintenance
Car and Locomotive Terms
Diesel and High-Compression Gas Engine Fundamentals
Diesel Electric Locomotive Maintenance
Diesel Engine Maintenance for EMD Model 710G3
Electric Arc Welding
EMD 567 Diesel Engine Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD 645/F3B Turbocharged Engine Maintenance
EMD 645E3 Diesel Engine Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD 645E3C Engine – GM
EMD GP38 Locomotive Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD GP38 Static Excitation Locomotive Maintenance-Electrical
EMD GP50 Locomotive-Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance
EMD Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD MP15 Locomotive Maintenance
EMD SD40-2 Locomotive Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD SD45 Locomotive Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD SD50 Locomotive Maintenance-Mechanical
EMD SD60M Locomotive Service
EMD SD70 MAC Locomotive Mechanical
Emergency Responder's Guide to Railroad Incidents
Flame Cutting and Brazing with MAPP Gas
FRA Railroad Locomotive Safety Standards and Locomotive Inspection
FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards - Cars (Condensed Course)
FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards - Cars (Expanded Course)
FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards-Locomotives
Freight Car ABDX Type Control Valve
GE Dash 8 Locomotives–Mechanical and Electrical
General Electric Mechanical Maintenance for Series-7 Road Locomotives
Guide to Freight Car Air Brakes
Guide to Locomotive Mechanical Maintenance on SD and GP Type Locomotives
Hand Tools
HazMat Identification for Emergency Responders
How to Run a Lathe
Introduction to Railroading
Locomotive Air Brakes (Chalk Talk Three)
Locomotive Truck Assemblies
Machine Shop Practice I
Machine Shop Practice II
Mechanical Department Federal Railroad Administration Regulations
Mechanical Refrigeration
OK Series Steam Generators
Oxy–acetelyne Welding
Pipe Work
Railroad Operating Rules and Practices
Roller Bearing Maintenance
Steam Generators
Steam Locomotive Inspection
Welding Safety
Woodward Governor Maintenance

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