AAR Approved Methods for Loading and Restraining Shipments of Hazardous Materials for Trailer/Container on Flat Car (TOFC/COFC) Movements
AAR Billing Repair Cards for Interchange Rules 2019
AAR Interchange Rules 2019
AAR Interchange Rules for Trailer/Container-on-Flat-Cars
AAR Loading Rules Section 1: General rules
AAR Loading Rules Section 2: Metal products, including pipe
ABC's of Air Brakes (Chalk Talk One)
Air Brake Equipment
Air Brake Equipment - Compressors
Air Brake Equipment - History and Development
Anti–Friction Bearings
Basic Millwright Work
Basic Modern Welding
Basic Refrigeration (Thermo King)
Basic Training for Brakemen and Switchmen
Basics of Railroad Wheels
Brake System Safety Standards
Car Air Brakes (Chalk Talk Two)
Car and Locomotive Terms
Electric Arc Welding
Emergency Responder's Guide to Railroad Incidents
Flame Cutting and Brazing with MAPP Gas
FRA Freight Car Safety Standards
FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards - Cars (Condensed Course)
FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards - Cars (Expanded Course)
Freight Car ABDX Type Control Valve
Freight Car Couplers and Draft Gear Systems
Freight Car Inspector Overview
Freight Car Nomenclature and Identification
Freight Cars: Nomenclature
Guide to Freight Car Air Brakes
Guide to Freight Car Trucks
Guide to Inspection of Double-Stack Container Cars
Guidelines For Trainyard Inspection of Freight Cars
Hand Brakes
Hand Tools
HazMat Identification for Emergency Responders
Introduction to Railroading
Lettering and Marking
Mechanical Department Federal Railroad Administration Regulations
Mechanical Refrigeration
Oxy–acetelyne Welding
Plant Railway Switching Safety Rules
Railroad Operating Rules and Practices
Shop Sketching
Tank Car Nomenclature
The Carman's Dictionary
The Doorway to Safety with Boxcar Doors
The Single Car Air Brake Test Procedures
Trailer Hitch Maintenance
Understanding and Servicing Freight Car Brake Rigging
Welding Safety

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