EMD 567 Diesel Engine Maintenance-Mechanical

Objective: The student should be able to effectively maintain the Model 8, 12 and 16-EMD-567E diesel engines through the description, maintenance and service data provided and, be aware of special tools needed in maintaining that equipment.

Audience: Maintenance personnel, foremen or others responsible for the maintenance, inspection and proper repairs to the EMD-567 engine.

  Item Code   Lesson Title  
LSD1 General information, operation, crankcase and oil pan
LSD2 Cylinder heads, valve grinding, hydraulic lash adjusters
LSD3 Pistons, piston rings, connecting rods
LSD4 Cylinder liners
LSD5 Crankshaft and accessories
LSD6 Camshaft, gear train timing, overspeed trip
LSD7 Blower, air intake, exhaust system
LSD8 Lubricating oil system
LSD9 Cooling system, water pumps
LSD10 Fuel systems, injectors, timing, testing, filters
LSD11 Speed control, load regulator pilot valve, setting and maintenance
LSD12 Protective devices
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Item Code Required Textbook
BKDEM 567E Engine Maintenance Manual  

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